Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, laying a Wreath at the Ela Beach Remembrance Park Monument on Saturday 23 July 2022.

Governor-General Grand Chief, Sir Bob Dadae, has appealed to parents to guide their children on the path that they may grow into descent and respectable citizens.

While addressing the nation on the 41st Remembrance Day parade and commemorative service at Ela Beach Remembrance Park on Saturday, 23 July, 2022, Sir Bob said teaching and imparting Christian values, such as respect and care, in early childhood learning, will help children with the right and proper attitude.

Meanwhile, Sir Bob also highlighted law and order ssues  during his address to the nation, saying, “a just, secure and safe society provides a conducive environment for business, trade and investment and builds investor confidence to complement Government efforts in developing and growing the economy.”

“We must rise up against the tide of lawlessness, corruption and moral depravity that is threatening to break apart our society and our traditional way of life which grounded in respect, honour and decency.”

He cautioned perpetrators that  by taking the life of another person, causing destruction to lives and properties ,does not benefit anyone, but instead, cause grief for law abiding citizens.

Sir Bob further appealed to all Papua New Guineans to respect and adhere to the established rule of law and denounce all  forms violence in the society,

“A society that is free of crime and violence can be realised if each and every one of us play our part in actively promoting peace, unity and goodwill within our homes and communities,” Sir Bob added.