Friday 14 June 2024

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) has expressed its strong commitment to supporting the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission (PNGEC) following a recent court directive mandating the implementation of an electronic voting and e-counting system.

This directive marks a significant step towards modernizing the electoral process in Papua New Guinea, with DICT playing a pivotal role in this transformation.

DICT Secretary Steven Matainaho emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “Our e-voting project is currently underway and is integral to our digital transformation agenda.

“It is designed to enhance electoral processes and ensure transparency.”

The project, part of the broader E-government citizenship portal, includes the development of a comprehensive electronic electoral roll and the implementation of secure e-voting mechanisms.

The collaboration between DICT and PNGEC has been ongoing, with both entities working closely to align their efforts.

“We are dedicated to assisting PNGEC and other government agencies in their digital transformation efforts.

“Ensuring that the required technological infrastructure and support are in place for successful implementation is our top priority.”

This initiative is seen as a crucial component in advancing the country’s electoral processes, making them more efficient and transparent.

The adoption of e-voting is expected to address several longstanding issues in the electoral system, including reducing the potential for fraud and ensuring that results are processed more swiftly and accurately.

“DICT acknowledges the importance of this court directive and is fully committed to its successful implementation,” Matainaho affirmed.

“We are confident that our ongoing efforts will lead to a more robust and trustworthy electoral system for Papua New Guinea.”

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