Wednesday 23 November 2022

Participants at  the Business Coalition for Women (BCFW) have been assured of the  Department  of Information  and Communications Technology’s (DICT), commitment to ensuring cyber bullying, especially on women and girls in the country is addressed effectively.

Speaking during the panel discussions, the Executive Manager for Cyber Security and Digital Government Standards, Ms. Georgina Kiele said, her division, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), has embarked on numerous awareness on cyber security and cyber safety on social media and other medium of communications such as radio, especially NBC radio, aimed at   protecting women and girls online.

 She added, DICT has been in collaboration with the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) to drive this awareness campaign.

“We see that dealing with online violence is important and that is why DICT is also working with the police cybercrime unit to create a webpage to report issues, such as online violence,” Ms Kiele said.

She added, a Social Media Management Desk (SMMD) has also been created in the department, which has the capability to support the government in dealing with and managing misinformation, fake news and disinformation.

She assured participants of the workshop and stakeholders that cybercrime and cyber issues are priorities of the department to address.

“National Cyber Coordination Centre, in its early stage, plans to have technologies made available to assist agencies such as police and other security agencies to coordinate their work effectively.”

The workshop discussed issues that are currently affecting women and girls especially on cyber space, such as online bullying and long-lasting trauma on victims, especially women and girls and also on solutions that can   address such   issues of cyber bullying.

Representatives from other government departments such as Department of Justice and Attorney Generals (DJAG), NICTA, and institutions such as  Equal Playing Field,  were present during the gathering.

Department of Information and Communications Technology is at the forefront in ensuring these issues are dealt with. More information can be obtained from our website .

Cyber Security and Digital Government Standards Executive Manager Ms. Georgina Kiele discussing issues of cyber security during the panel session this morning.