Friday 21 June 2024

Australian Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security Hon. Clare O’Neil, addressing staff at DICT during her visit to the Department before her departure on Thursday 20 June, 2024.

Australia’s Minister for Cyber Security, Hon. Clare O’Neil, paid a courtesy visit  yesterday afternoon (Thursday 20 June) to the Department of Information Communications and Technology (DICT) before departing for Australia.

During her visit, Minister O’Neil toured the department’s Digital Delivery Wing and observed the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is funded by the Australian government.

The NCSC’s primary purpose is to protect critical information infrastructure, monitor and respond to cyber threats, and provide guidance on cyber security and awareness.

Minister O’Neil expressed her admiration for the presentations by the different divisions within the Digital Government wing, particularly the Government’s Critical Infrastructure and the WebDevOps Division.

The latter’s priority project is the citizen’s E-Gavman Portal, whose first version includes the Online Police Clearance service.

“I can see that you are working so hard on this and I see you all us great pioneers in trying to build something that didn’t exist before here in PNG.

“ We are amazed on our trip to PNG, how much hard work is happening in this beautiful country to help catch up on some big IT and technology challenges.

“It is going to really change the lives of a lot of people in your country.

“We just saw here, the work being done on Government services and for a population like PNG, where people are very far from the capital and it is not easy to provide those services.

“You are going to be able to connect those services, right to them, so it’s really great work,” Ms O’Neil said.

Ms O’Neil emphasized that the Australian Government is keen to help and support PNG in the digital space and cyber security challenges within the region.

“This  because this is probably for our country, the fastest national growing security challenge that we face,” Ms O’Neil said.

Secretary of DICT, Mr Steven Matainaho was on hand to take Ms O’Neil around and before her being whisked off to the airport expressed his gratitude on behalf of the department.

“ I just want to say thank you for making time to especially come and see some of the Australian government’s investments and how the funds have been channeled through.

“We are really grateful to the Australian Government for that support and wish you safe travel back home to Australia,” Mr Matainaho said.

Minister  O’Neil was part of the Australian delegation to the 30th Papua New Guinea-Australia Ministerial Forum, held in Port Moresby on Wednesday 19 June 2024.

(l-r) Australian Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security Hon. Clare O’Neil, DICT’s Deputy Secretary for Digital Government Mr Russell Woruba, and DICT Secretary Mr Steven Matainaho.

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