Access to Information Policy

The importance of information disclosure to good governance and sustainable development has been recognized by national governments and international organizations around the world. A high level of transparency directly facilitates public participation and government accountability.

Openness supports equitable economic growth and foreign investment. It also cements public trust in government and reduces the feelings of exclusion which often contribute to conflict. Access by the public to information held or generated by the Government will facilitate the transparency, accountability, legitimacy, and the local ownership of our activities.

The Government has been careful to ensure that this Policy is realistic and capable of implementation, taking into account limited financial and human resources. The Government wishes to send a strong message to donors that information disclosure is a key element of the Government development program and should be prioritized for support accordingly.

The Policy clarifies existing disclosure practices, for the benefit of officials and the public. It also establishes a basic framework for requesting, releasing and publishing information. The Policy also highlights key areas where more work needs to be done to move Papua New Guinea towards the overall goal of an effective access to information regime.