Wednesday 10 August 2023

Minister for Higher Education and Sports Hon. Don Polye expressing his point during Parliament Session. (Picture credit:  Parliament Media).

Minister for Higher Education and Sports Hon. Don Polye said 100 percent government school fees subsidies for tertiary schools is not possible.

The Minister was responding to questions without notice,  from the  Member for North Waghi Hon Benjamin Mul in Parliament recently.

With an education background Mr. Mul questioned if the government can help reduce the burden on parents and students with 100 percent school fee subsidies.

Minister Polye said the government will make some decisions somewhere because  it will have to scarifies in other areas to meet this request.

He reiterated this is not possible unless the government can agree to pay 100 Percent fees of university students.

“The government can only support the parents to pay at the lower level of education system.

“We can support the students but we will encourage the parents to take the responsibility for their children.”

“I admit there is a big challenge there in terms of school fees”

“I will not promise you but that decision needs to be made on the floor of parliament for a 100 percent tertiary school fees subsidiary.”

Minister Polye further clarified that if we do abolish than the government will have to take out approximately K600 Million to pay for all university school fees which this funding is not available.

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